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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vote people Vote

This is the latest from the prediction markets... I encourage all to go out and vote even if it is for the wrong guy (McCain)...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Baggy green is just a fancy word for yellow

So Ricky's whiny ass losers played with 15 men, 12 players 2 on field umpires Bucknor/Benson and the match refree Proctor. I mean come on!!!! Here is an excellent article detailing how the umpires screwed India out of the match.
 This blog will only cover the issues that seem to have been missed. 
 Let me begin with saying that the third umpires job is to sit on his ass and look at a tv replay until he fucking gets it right... And Oxenford just didnt get it right. Are you fucking kidding me? He had all the time in the world.. Everybody in the world except him saw that the batsman's feet were off the ground. Fuck Oxenford. If he is truly as incompetent as he would like us to believe, he should get a vasectomy and never ever reproduce. I mean come on... Are you shitting me? You have to do only one thing and you could not do that right even with the aid of technological marvels known as 'replay'. You keep replaying it until you get it fucking right. Fuck you Oxenford.. crawl back into the hole you came from you are a disgrace to human intellect.
 I wont elaborate on the umpires decisions. Lets just say that if thats the best umpires ICC has, then we should all stop playing cricket until we find one Official with an IQ of at least a shoe. Or at the very least that of a mammal. They should be skinned alive, then drawn and quartered then have the pieces arrested and then they should really get it. Maybe boil the pieces in sewer water and feed it to the australian team.
 Lets get to the core of the matter now... What business does BCCI have sending a fucking team to Australia when they cant ensure their safety, their well being and their careers. Are you kidding me? Bhajji being a racist? Racism was invented by these honkeys... And tell me what is wrong with calling a monkey monkey? I think it is the simians who should protest vehemently against comparing them with a crude uncivilised creature known as the typical australian cricketer.
 Heres the pictures.. Points for guessing which one is the civilised ape and which one is the australian cricketer.. 

 Now that that is out of the way... Tell me what the fuck are we going to do besides protesting and lodging "strong" formal protests... Are we going to show some balls and ensure that we not only get Proctor/Benson/Bucknor/ Oxenford clique sacked from international cricket AND seriously fuck with australia's happiness.. What needs to be shown is typical aggression.. instead our leaders are busy showing "utmos displeasure". Is that how you react to someone trying to rape you? Are you fucking kidding me? Screw with the aussies happiness.. show up for toss 30 mins late.. ensure that plays stops everyday for at least 30 mins ... bowl 2 overs every 10 mins.. appeal EVERY FUCKING BALL... and finally... ENSURE THAT AUSTRALIA KNOWS WHO OWNS CRICKET... get their balls to the walls and fuck their happiness... I mean come on... when will we show our balls? Remember you have to crawl to look a snake in the eye...

 Lets see what the future unveils...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The pot calls us black...

Get a load of this boys and girls... The lily livered, yellow wearing, sledging, racist, pathetically ignorant Australians with their rapist culture are accusing the Indian crowd of doing a monkey chant when one of their white batsman was batting.. WTF? 

 So what is a monkey chant you might ask? Well Monkey chant is as australian as Fosters, or killing 'natives' armed with sticks with automatic assault weapons, or stealing 'native' babies. It was invented by white supremists to 'dis' immigrant colored players. 

 FACT: Crowd was chanting "Ganpati Bappa Morya" which means "Long live God Ganesh" (loosely translated).

 But Ricky and Andy just cant stop whining. I mean can you fucking believe these yellow idiots? Are you serious? if you are totally ignorant of the culture of the country you are playing in, then the least you can do is to shut up and try to not make people wonder about the kind of closeted existence you might have. But to go ahead and accuse a country that has been nothing other than respectful despite your overly aggressive on field behavior and your sledging, is appalling at best. Whats next? Ricky going to go crying to his mommmy.. Mommy mommy these darkies are such racist pigs! I mean I am just a white boy mommy.. can I help it? I mean shouldnt we be judged by the contents of our character..... (Now now I know you would ask does Ricky and his red neck team know about Dr King... Suspend your disbelief.. please..)

  Ricky, asshole.. I have two words for you in answer to your charge of racism "Darrell Hair". If thats not enough think about this.. when India went nuclear.. your country went ballistic.. "OMG, the darkies have a bomb"... and you opposed our tests taking a principled stance against nuclear weapons ALL THE FUCKING WHILE LIVING UNDER AMERICAN NUCLEAR UMBRELLA and SELLING URANIUM TO CHINA... Wow.. such principles.. My God.. one might even be fooled in thinking that australians are not actually descended from rapist terrorists but from austere saints who live by principles and die for them....

 So whats next Andy, will you take your bat and go home? YOu should... and admit that it was yellow all along..

 Why dont you assholes put your balls where your mouth is and try to square off against us in the Indian ocean.. thats right IT IS STILL INDIAN OCEAN...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Balls people..... balls

So all you kids know that India creamed England in the second test... You are all congratulating yourselves about how Zaheer was brilliant etc etc.. But what escaped everyone because we won was that the dirty-minded red neck Australians did all they could... I can not, for the love of God and everything that is holy on this planet, understand why even in two-fucking-thousand-seven we cant find a non-racist fair umpire to officiate in matches where Asian countries are playing...
Before we go any further.. You can watch the horrible decisions here. After the press Conference Simon Taufel said he knew Sachin was not out but didnt bother to call him back. This is in direct contrast with how he called back an English player a week before this from the dressing room after he realized he made a mistake. So, he calls an English player back on the field but not an Indian player. Not to mention the fact that the second decision was so horrible, Geoff's grandma could have seen that Ganguly didnt touch the ball, even with a blindfold on. Then why didnt he call them back after he saw his decisions were wrong, knowing fully well he had given the English players the same courtesy?
Cry me a river already but isnt this something the BCCI is supposed to do? Ohh thats right.. we are talking of the same BCCI that has to go begging to get assholes like Greg Chappell to coach for us.. Why? Dont we have enough talent in India/Sri Lanka/West Indies... even England? Theres two countries that are beneath contempt when it comes to Cricket.. Australia.. professional sledgers and cheats.. and who can forget South-fucking-Africa.. racist farmers.. we are talking about people who until the late 90s considered racial segregation a morally upright practice. I mean these people will take 2 or 3 generations to to get to the point where we should even pee looking in their direction..

But I digress... this post is not about South Africa.. but Australia... those racist pigs not fit to be in the same continent as us.... I mean when will we, as Indians, value ourselves enough to demand to be treated fairly? Or are we going to hide behind.. "but this is good for cricket" ... or "we are playing honestly..." No.. fuck that.. this is not about the game.. who gives a crap about the game ? When you walk with a shirt that says "India" on the back... it ceases to be merely about a game.. you have millions of people's respect, dignity, hopes riding on your back.. and you need to show balls... Sreesanth did very well.. he noballed and bowled a few bouncers.. Bodyline anyone? Of course the British media went bonkers ..... how could the darkies use a tactic the English themselves perfected....?

I want the BCCI to ensure Simon taufel doesnt officiate in any matches involving South Asian countries... I also think the time has come for the west indians to decide where their loyalty lies... to countries stuck in their Imperial past or the future...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back with a bang

Thats right boys and girls.. I am back with a bang..

Finally linked my accounts and figured out a few other things...

So what has changed in the world while I was gone? Well basically nothing much.. the republicans are still incompetent,corrupt morally bankrupt gits.. They should really change their sybol from the elephant to the moth with so many of them in the closet.. Still the old 'big tent' party.. except its now in their pants... The democrats are still spineless.... While hillary decides what color shoes go best with her new outfit or whether she should go bold with navy blue or stick with basic black our troops are still getting killed in Iraq... The Congress party in India is still destroying India along with the commies...

And what did we learn from Haneef's detention fiasco? That Australia still is the number one loser nation of lily livered incompetent pussies.. BTW I got some angry emails about my use of the word 'aborigines' from angry... guess what.. Australians.. telling me that is not the PC way of referring to the nice people that got slaughtered while fighting the White Devil with sticks and stones while John Howard's criminal antecedents had guns... Isnt that priceless? Its called sarcasm you morons...

But I digress this post is not about what is PC or how clueless Australians are.. thats for another time.. This post is to signify my return to blog land..

So open wide baby birds.. I have a big fat night crawler of truth and opinion..


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Of Hair and Inzamam's balls

Every now and again something happens that makes you so happy from inside and sad at the same time. This kind of dichotomy makes your hair stand up. Pakistan had enough balls to not show up after Tea because Hair gave one of his famous racially motivated decisions to accuse yet another team from the Indian subcontinent of cheating. But what made me happy was the reaction he got. I still remember with joy the way Sri Lanka walked off field and Ranatunga called everyone back. That is the only way to deal with these ass holes. But I am sad that India does not have any balls.

Our players are worried about contracts, match fees and the fear of unknown more than they care about their country. I implore everyone to read what Inzamam said after the match. "It is more about national pride than it is about cricket". For this reason, he has earned my respect. As long as our cricketers (and the dimwitted officials) dont have any national pride, they should not play under India but BCCI XI or better yet, Sharad's XI....

I hope that this doesn't end here, ICC's hegemony is is successfully challenegd. Just when I thought BCCI was about to break ICC's back over CHampion's trophy, Jagmohan Dalmiya was removed by Sharad pawar and , Sharad being the congressman he is, capitulated to the foreigners within days. I hope Pakistan doesn't back down and I know India will not support Pakistan, although Pakistan has supported us in the past. This is only becauseSharad is busy licking speed's balls.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I called it!

Thats right boys and girls, I called it first... in one of my previous blogs "Deballification of India", I said the root of all our problems is the lack of sense of identity. Well, it seems like the people at Pioneer were paying attention to what I was saying and just like you, they also 'get it'. So in a blatant act of admiration they went and wrote themselves an editorial centered around MY IDEA.... now what is wrong there? It misses my NAME....

Here is the editorial .

And this brings to my mind "you are welcome".